Background & History of Practice

Broad range of experience in the field of psychotherapy and Counselling has been gathered over few decades of successful practice internationally and in Canada. The following is a summary of Dr.Tahbaz's professional contributions.

• Founder and Director of Prospect Counselling &Psychotherapy in Toronto since 1987

• Consultant Counsellor for Ministry of Attorney General, Correctional Services, Children's Aid Society, Progress Rehabilitation Centre in Canada

• Active involvement in different Projects of City of Toronto related to Mentoring Professional Immigrants "Profession to Profession"

• Former Executive Board Member of the Brain Injury Association of Toronto

• Guest Speaker at many Government and non-governmental organization in Toronto

• Chief and senior expert of Mental Health Department at Ministry of Health in Iran

• Private Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy Clinic in Iran, U.S.A and Canada

• Director, Manpower Planning and Training, Ministry of Health and Welfare in Iran

• Associate Professor and Director of Curriculum Planning for Graduate program at School of Rehabilitation, University of Tehran and Graduate School of Social Work.
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