Ms.Tahbaz utilizes a variety of approaches to treatment, tailoring to the specific needs of each individual. She is a therapist who brings her knowledge, experience, wisdom, care and compassion to help you in any of the following areas:
1- Sex Education, A Comprehensive & Comparative Study of Parents, Teachers and Students'Attitude

• A guide for Parents and Teachers

• This publication is used internationally at many University's Library

2- Child & Mental Health issues

3-How to Influence Others

4-Aggression and Anger

5- Social & Psychological Growth in Marriage

6- Time Management

آموزش جنسی، تحقیقی جامع و راهنمائی مفید جهت والدین و مربیان (این نشریه در اکثر کتابخانه های دانشگاههای جهان به عنوان مرجع “رفرنس” استفاده می شود)

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ساده ترین راههای نفوذ در طبقات مردم -

خشم و عصبانیت -

رشد روانی و اجتماعی در ازدواج -

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